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1.Shaitaan has more knowledge than the Holy Prophet of Islam. This is proven from the Quran and Ahadith. No such proofs exist as regards the Prophet's knowledge. If any Muslim believes to the contrary, he will became a mushrik. (Barahin-e-Qatia Page 51 by Khalil Ahmed Ambhetwi and endorsed by Rashid Ahmed Gangohi)

2.The knowledge of the Holy Prophet of Islam is equivalent to the knowledge of any ordinary person (i.e. Any Tom, Dick or Harry). It is also equal to the knowledge of a madmen, child or any four-legged animal. (Hifzul Iman Page 7 by Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

3(a) Almighty Allah can speak lies.
(b) Almighty Allah has already spoken a lie !
(Fatawa Rashidia Part I Page 20. Taqdeesul Qadeer Page 79 by Rashid Ahmed Gangohi)

The above statements were made by the foremost leaders of the Wahhabi-Deobandi Movement of India in the year 1900 and now a days this movement preaches it's hidden doctrine under the skirt of the Tableegh Jamaat.
The Kufr in the above three statements are so apparent that even a lay-Muslim will have absolutely no doubts regarding their kufr. However, 370 of the most prominent scholars of India and 32 of the highest Islamic Jurist of Makkah and Medina issued a fatwa of Kufr on this movement and it's followers 93 years ago, long before the present Saudi Wahhabi Najdis came into power and turned everything upside down. In fact, in those days Deobandis were held in the same contempt as Qadianis are held today by Muslims (i.e. as non-Muslims), but time, history and the Devils handy-work have managed to conceal the truth of this movement from the general Muslim populace of today. To the extent that Deobandis and Tableegh Jamaat are seen as heros of Islam in our time, whereas only 94 years ago they were considered outside of the fold of Islam.
In the 3 statements of Kufr, the great Imam of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, listed 70 charges of Kufr with proofs against each of the foul-mouthed Mullahs of Deoband and further presented 78 reasons justifying their Kufr and always keeping in mind the Hadith "A Muslim should not be labelled a Kaffir unless his kufr becomes more apparent than the mid-day sun and their remains no chance of his continuing to remain within the fold of Islam."

However, when the above mentioned statements were carefully scrutinised, the leading Imams and Jurists of Islam had no hesitation in declaring them as Kaffir, and warned in no uncertain terms that "ANY PERSONS WHO DOUBTS THE KUFR OF THESE PEOPLE WILL THEMSELVES BECOME KAFFIR".
The names of the Ulama of Makka and Medina who issued the kufr fatwa on the Ulema of Deoband in 1320AH(1900 AD) are listed below. And for a detailed explanation of the fatwa read TAMHEED-E-IMAAN and MUSTATAAB HISAAM-UL-HARAMAIN ALAA MANHER-UL-KUFR WAL MAIN

1. Ustaad-e-Haram - Mufti Muhammad Saeed Shafe
2 Sayedul Ulama - Moulana Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Abul Khair Mirdad
3 Mufti Hanafia - Allama Sheihk Saleh Kamaal
4. Mufti - Sheikh Ali bin Siddiq Kamaal
5. Sheikud Dalail - Mufti Muhammed Abdul Haq Al-Mujahir Al-Llabadi
6. Mufti Sayed Ismail Khaleel - Librarian of Mecca
7 Allama Mufti - Saeed Abul Hoosen Al-Marzuki

8 Mufti Sheikh Abid bin Husain Maaliki
9 Mufti Ali bin Husain Maaliki
10 Mufti Muhammed Jamaal bin Muhhamed Husain
11 Mufti Sheikh Asad bin Ahmed Daha -Teacher Haram Shareef Makkah
12 Mufti Sheikh Abdur Rahman Dahan
13 Mufti Sheikh Muhammed Yusuf Afghani
14 Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Al-Maaliki Al-Imdadi - Brother in Tariqat of Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and Khalil Ahmed Ambhetwi
15 Mufti Muhammed Yusuf Al-Khayaat
16 Sheikh Muhammed Saleh bin Muhammed Ba-fazal
17 Sheikh Abdul Karim Naji Dagistani
18 Sheikh Muhammed Saeed bin Muhhamed Al-Yamani
19. Mufti Sheikh Haamid Muhammed Al-Jadawi

20 Mufti Hanafia - Tajuddin Liyas
21 Mufti of Madina - Allama Osman bin Abdus Salaam Dadistani
22 Sheikh-e-Maalikia - Mufti Sayed Ahmed of Algeria
23 Mufti Khaleel bin Ibrahim Karbooti
24 Shaikhud Dalail - Mufti Sayed Muhammed Saeed
25 Mufti Sheikh Mehmood bin Ahmed Omari
26 Shaikhud Dalail - Mufti Sayed Abbas bin Sayed Jaleel
27 Mufti Skeikh Omar bin Hamdaan Al-Maharasee
28 Mufti Sayed Hakeem Muhammed bin Muhaamed Madani
29 Mufti Sheikh Muhammed Kiyan - teacher Haram Shareef Madina
30 Mufti Shafaeiya - Allama Sayed Shareef Ahmed Barzanji
31 Mufti Muhammed Aziz Maaliki - of Tunisia
32 Mufti Sheikh Abdul Qader Taufeeq - Teacher Masjid-e-Nabawi Shareef

Readers are requested that in view of the WARNING by the leading Imams and Islamic Jurists of Haramain Shareefain, they should NOT DOUBT the kufr of these Ulama of Deoband and expose their own Imaan to Danger. The time has arrived for us to accept the truth and confront falsehood instead of jumping headlong on the Salman Rushdi bandwagon we should be exposing the enemy within, who has had a safe haven amongst us, without us ever questioning or investigating the truth about them.
It is the duty of every Muslim to confront these evil people. May Allah give Muslims the wisdom and courage to accepts the truth and save them from supporting and praying behind those who speak ill of Allah and His Beloved Prophet(PBUH). Ameen !